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    The Boston Junior Bruins will have a Brick Training and Evaluation Camp this July. Sign up now. The Brick Training & Evaluation Camp is for 8 and 9 year olds who are interested in playing for the B’s Brick team during their 10 year old season. The Brick T&E Camp takes place every August over a three day period and allows the Junior Bruins staff to work with and evaluate those that are potential Brick team players.

    We learned that most teams that go to the Brick start their process years ahead of time in evaluating and training their players. We have made some changes to our AAA tournament teams in regards to the makeup, player selection process and more so that we are better prepared for the Brick tournament each year.

    We are going to start the process for all those interested in the Brick tournament to attend an August camp that will involve training as well as be another venue for us to evaluate the players. This camp allows our staff to work with the players and see how they have progressed from one year to the next. Players interested in our Brick team are not required to be at this camp but it does provide three days and six on ice sessions for our staff to get to know your son better.

    A common question we field is, “what are you looking for in a player or what does my son need to improve on to make the team?”. We are often asked after our tryouts for a detailed evaluation as well and our tryout format does not allow for that. This camp is aimed at answering that question and giving detailed feedback on a players skill set/performance.

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    Select Your Activity: Camp/Clinic
    Starts: 07/26/2019
    Ends: 07/28/2019
    Phone: 6105555222
    Levels: Tier I
    Age: Youth
    Gender: All
    Rink: New England Sports Center
    Address: 121 Donald Lynch Blvd
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