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    Canadian HOckey Academy offers both a half-day or a full-day program. Each day will encompass 4 hours of daily ice time and 2 hours of dry land. Our camp tries to offer a variety of programs for the young hockey player.
    If you wish to send your son/daughter for a full day, you can choose one type of program in the A.M. and another in the P.M. Please note that programs have a limit to ensure a proper teaching ratio.


    This program focuses on edge control and balance as well as improving agility while developing power in his/her stride.

    SHOOTING CAMP « A.M. Only »This program will cover the basic fundamentals of shooting such as balance, follow-through, speed and accuracy. Specific emphasis will be placed on the following: wrist shots, deflections, sweep shots, snap shots, point shots, slap shots, screen shots

    GOALTENDING CAMP « A.M. and P.M. »
    A complete review of the fundamentals of goaltending with a special emphasis on the following skills:
    A.M. – movement in the net, playing angles
    P.M.- receiving shots, playing the puck

    This camp will focus on overall puck control. Players will be taught methods to improve their overall agility with the puck. These techniques will improve the player’s ability to win 1 on 1 confrontations and improve his/her overall play making ability.

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    Select Your Activity: Camp/Clinic
    Levels: All
    Age: Youth
    Gender: All
    Rink: Walter Baker Complex
    Address: 100 Malvern Drive
    K2J 4T2
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