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    Off Ice Conditioning  

    Ballet for Skaters:  This class introduces the concepts and vocabulary of classical ballet which are essential for the serious figure skater.  It focuses on proper body alignment, musicality, and artistry, all enhancing the skater’s presentation on the ice.

    Jump Class:   Improve jump height and rotation in this off ice class. Focus on in air position, take-off, and landing technique to improve overall jump ability. Light cardio and conditioning with a concentration on muscles utilized for jumping will be incorporated.

    Core ‘n Stretch:  Essential core strength and flexibility moves to limit injury and promote fitness.

    Sport-Conditioning:  Off Ice conditioning includes functional strength, flexibility and cardio drills that help skaters with their on-ice skills.  Prevention of overuse injuries and identification of liabilities are additional benefits for the “fit” athlete.  this class helps all levels of athletes, all sports.

    Off-Ice:  a varying class- examples include Jump Class, Stretch, and Conditioning

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    Beginning Date: 09/06/2018
    Level: All levels
    • Adult
    • Youth
    Gender: Boys,Girls,Women
    Rink Name: SkateQuest
    Address: 1800 Michael Faraday Ct
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