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    Computer analysis has demonstrated that the average length of time a professional hockey player skates at top speed on any occasion during a game is 2 – 4 seconds. It is a game of short, quick, explosive movements. Becoming an explosive skater depends on a number of factors, the most significant of which are:

    • Leg Strength
    • Leg Quickness
    • Leg Flexibility
    • Trunk Or Core Stability
    • Balance
    • Skating Technique
    • The Ability To Apply The Above Factors In Game Situations

    At the Edge of Excellence Skating Camps, our entire program is specifically directed at improving skaters in all of these areas. Players are also educated on ways that they can, prior to attending the camp (through our off-ice training program) and following the camp, continue to make further gains and reinforce changes in these areas.

    We limit each group on the ice to 30 players with 4 to 6 instructors on the ice. The ratio of player to instructor is, therefore, approximately seven to one

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    Rink Name: Pursuit Of Excellence
    Address: 3446 Spectrum Ave
    British Columbia
    V1V 2Z6
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